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Corporate Model – The Story

Workers in a warehouseDr. Daniel Eichner started his career as an athletic trainer and chiropractor for a Fortune 50 company. The first day on the job his safety manager came to him and said, “How much does wellness mean to you?”

Simple question with a a complex answer. But Dr. Daniel Eichner just said “A lot!”

“Well, we don’t really have a budget and I am not sure we can do anything this year.”

That year Dr. Eichner pushed to request a budget of $10,000 and received the okay. That year the company had the lowest amount of injuries ever in 20 years of production. This was the start of realizing that wellness and the proactive approach to healthcare has a tremendous effect on multiple key areas in a business. Dr. Daniel Eichner continued this approach for the remaining 4 years and achieved the first, second, and third lowest injury years in the past 20 years.

This was the start to realizing wellness can be analyzed, tracked, and implemented in a workplace, and then repeated for many years.

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