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Cutting Peppers“95 percent of diets fail” according to US today. In 2020 I created a nutrition plan that focused on the reasons why diets fail and how we can be better. In 2021 I changed the treatment plan to add education, as my goal is to provide you the tools to succeed. In 2022 I changed the treatment plan again, to focus on the four steps to achieve a nutrition goal. The steps that other nutrition plans fail to focus on. This is not a counting calorie mindset, because we all know that eventually that falls off. This is a mindset change for you and your support team to accomplish your goal.

Included in 1 month:

  • 2-half hour zoom sessions
  • 2-hour zoom sessions
  • Daily and weekly reminders
  • 5 focused personalized worksheets
  • 40-page nutrition guide pdf by Dr. Daniel Eichner


We must get your mindset right before you get your body right! Focus is about asking those tough questions that you are always afraid to answer. This is the only way we can find out what worked, what didn’t work, and what your plan is to do better.


The mind gives into temptation at its weakest moments. Have you ever said, “If the chips were not there, I wouldn’t eat them”? Now of course if a food isn’t at your house you can’t eat it. The only difference now is the number of steps it will take to acquire that food. This is a 1 on 1 all out, lay everything on the table (literally) cupboard dive where we find the foods to eliminate, substitute or keep.


One of the main factors of goal failure is lack of planning. Prior to this step, we have set the groundwork to reach each milestone with only minor obstacles. In this step we focus on laying out your goals in a timeline and figuring out what steps are needed to achieve each goals.


Now let’s work through your first goal together. We will review each step you will need to acquire that goal including time, materials, and other parameters. Once you find how easy it is to achieve a goal with the proper planning, you will gain the confidence to conquer any obstacle.

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