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Corporate Model – Our Approach

The Corporate Model is created on a multi-tiered approach that focuses on analyzing, implementing, data collecting, and providing feedback. The goal is to figure out the wellness program that would fit the needs of the business and use both evidence based tracking methods and business specific tracking methods to create and track a wellness program.


Using evidence based data and personalized metric, we will develop the top five metric that we will be using to determine the type of program that will be implemented.

  • Based on known wellness trends (i.e. sick time, turnover rate, injury rate)
  • Based on your individual performance metrics
  • Based on small group surveys determining perception of current wellness culture
  • Utilizes sophisticated trend tracking and cost calculations
  • Narrows down the causes based on shift, department, and job classification

Based on the previous metric finding, we will find the perfect program or sets of wellness programs that will produce the greatest results. During this phase we will track the ongoing participation, overall effectiveness, and preliminary metric results.

  • Type of program is dependent on previous data collection
  • Continuous tracking of multiple factors including: participation, preliminary data collection.
  • Three options provided for each problem type of allow for the client to choose base on: cost, size, type

Utilizing previous metric in step 1 to compare before program, after program, and 3 year comparison.

  • Daily documenting real-time metrics that were pre determined in the previous step
  • Data collection uses excel, excel formulas, and multiple types of graphs and charts
  • Metric are shown as overall, department specific, shift specific, and dependent on other factor such as hire date.

Provide participant and client feedback regarding the effectiveness of the program. Objective data will be graphed and presented in a final presentation.

  • Individual feedback forms will be provided utilizing a VAS, questions that demonstrate information retention, and change of daily behavior questionnaire.

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