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Muscle Cramps


To first understand the cause of muscle cramps we have to understand electrolyte imbalance. Your body runs off of electricity. Have you ever thought of that? Your nerves are electrical pathway that transmit signals across your body to various muscles and organs.  Electrolytes are positive charge ions that can be taken through ingesting and IV. IV’s are only recommended for individuals that are severely depleted due to causes such as  heat stress related illnesses. When you do not have enough electrolytes in your system, your body does not run correctly. Think of a power cord that does not have any power going through it. The machine either shuts off, or runs sporadically.

The second cause is overuse. You have to train your body to fight the stressors of whatever activity you are trying to accomplish. Your muscles contract and relax depending on the stresses placed on it. When the muscles do not contract appropriately the muscle cramps up as a defense mechanism.

Proper electrolyte balance, meal plan, and training decreases the likelihood of muscle cramps. This can be achieved by supplements, workout plan, and chiropractic.

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