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Inversion tables| Does it work?

The newest hype in the back pain industry is the inversion table, but do these really benefit you?

Prior to using one, please consult with a medical professional and ask yourself the following questions. If the answers to any of these questions is yes, you may want to seek other forms of care.

1) Do you have high blood pressure?

2) Do you have vertigo?

3) Do you get nauseous and/or dizzy easily?

4) Do you get motion sickness?

5) Any recent fractures/hospitalizations?


Inversion therapy has been around since 400 B.C. It was mainly used to stretch patient, sometimes a little bit more intense than needed. Nowadays, there are many forms of tractioning your back to relieve pressure. The purpose of the inversion table is to traction your back to relieve joint pressure associated with gravity. Have you ever heard the saying you are the tallest in the beginning of the day. It’s true! Between your bony spine are intervertebral disc. These disc mimic a jelly donut and when compressed, push water out. As a result the discs lose a slight amount of cushion (height), causing more pressure between the spinal segments.

An inversion table pulls these disc apart, allowing for water absorption and therefore decreasing pressure in the disc. The effectiveness of this treatment is 50/50 and dependent on the severity of your condition. If you have injuries such as DJD, your disc may not have the ability to absorb water or maintain the effectiveness of this treatment. Don’t be discouraged though since there are many effective treatments to DJD.

I always recommend combination therapy. Chiropractic can absolutely help with relaxing surrounding muscles and reducing joint restriction to provide the optimal environment for these disc. Additional combination treatment recommendation include routine exercise, anti-inflammatory diet, drinking plenty of water, and routine stretching.

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