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Nutritional Consultation

The Mission:

|Forward: Nutrition Consultation plus membership, is a comprehensive, proactive wellness approach. The consultation and membership is intended to create an individualized program, join a community of like-minded wellness people, challenge you, and educate you on how to continue to be proactive in your journey to better health.

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The initial consultation

Step 1: Initial Intake Form

  • You will receive an email to fill out a 20 question survey. This will allow Dr. Daniel Eichner to research your specific case and had a head start to creating your plan. These questions will be reviewed again during your 1 hour zoom call.

Step 2: 1 hour consultation with Dr. Daniel Eichner

  • We are about to deep dive into your plan. During this consultation, Dr. Daniel Eichner will expand on the answers from your intake form. This is also the time to ask Dr. Daniel Eichner any questions about the program.

Step 3: Baseline Measurements

  • Includes blood pressure, skinfold, waist/hip ratio
  • Biweekly measurement check ins

Step 4: Your own nutrition plan (2 pages)

  • Dr. Daniel Eichner will use the initial intake form, 1 hour zoom consultation, and baseline measurements, to create a comprehensive individualized nutrition plan. The nutrition plan will focus on recommended calorie intake, eating habit, exercise, supplement recommendations, and more.
  • Your Nutrition Plan is formulated for 2 weeks. At 2 weeks we will schedule a video call to determine changes to your nutrition plan.

Added Bonus: 30 page nutrition reference booklet

  • 7,000 words, 30+ page booklet that you can use as a reference guide throughout your wellness journey and beyond. The reference guide focuses on the most talked about topics own nutrition.

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Nutrition Membership

Membership Details

  • Access to facebook group
  • Monthly Nutrition Newsletter
  • Access to the wellness video database (updated every Monday)
  • Unlimited nutrition related messages to Dr. Daniel Eichner
  • Monthly nutrition challenges
  • 2 revisions per month of your nutrition plan
  • Biweekly Weigh ins
  • Monthly skin fold, blood pressure, body fat % check

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